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January 24, 2008

Driving beat

A few days ago, in my attempt to describe my subjective feeling towards the driving beat of some typical orchestras (for the identification of these orchestras), I came up with the following (in my opinion) simple descriptions. No doubt, the purists may baulk at these over-generalisations, but I like them anyway. 🙂

  • Biagi, Roldolfo: head-on collision with a sledge hammer – in a nice way (eg. Golgota, El Recodo, Racing Club).
  • D’Arienzo, Juan: light taps on shoulder (e.g. Pensalo Bien, El Flete).
  • Pugliese, Osvaldo: ocean waves building, building until they become irresistible (here I am thinking more of the La Yumba, Gallo Ciego type of feeling, not so much Recuerdo, etc.).
  • Troilo, Anibal: punched by nails (as in hammer and nails), sometimes difficult to work out where the pain is, sometimes itchy…
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