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July 18, 2011


Recent purchases

First of the recent acquisitions to arrive!!

* Today’s parcel contains the 11-disc set of “D’Arienzo Epoca de oro” and from the famed Club Tango Argentino (CTA) collection: CTA-101 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 1 (1925-1926), CTA-103 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 3 (1926-1927) and CTA-704 Francisco Canaro (1931-1932).

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  1. Sogun
    Mar 13 2013

    HI, i just wanted to ask about the quality of these recordings.
    It is worth of it?

  2. Apr 10 2013

    The D’Arienzo Epoca de oro is very much worth the price! However, the quality of the CTA catalog is a little uneven – I suspect through no fault of the transfer but just quality of the originals. Hope this helps.

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