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Revamp of music list

Beginning to revamp my music collection listing using Google App Engine. Needless to say, the formatting is spartan to say the least for the time being, but each of the columns can be easily sorted.


Tango Singapore calendar

Although I am still keeping up with tango news in the blogosphere (not sure if I just made up the word!?), have not been in the mood to write anything lately.

Anyway, just a quick announcement that I will be offloading the schedule of milonga and practicas in Singapore maintained locally to a calendar site based on Google Calendar, Tango Singapore event guide. In any case, I think the calendar format is still better for keeping track of regular events, especially when there are sudden changes to a fixed event but only for a short period. By the way, there is a rudimentary version specifically for smart phones/mobile browsers too. Hopefully this can be useful to visitors to Singapore who are looking for regularly scheduled tango happenings.


Andrea Missé

2012, like all new years, is supposed to start with a bang. Unfortunately the tango world has lost yet another of its stars – and a great personal teacher – Andrea Missé. Having hosted a couple of her previous tours to Singapore with Javier Rodriguez, no words can describe how saddened I am by this tragic news. Thank you for your guidance and generosity. RIP.

My prayers go out to her family, some of whom I understand still remains in intensive care at this moment.


Dance of the champions

This is a clip of the dance by current and previous champions at the recently concluded Salon section of the annual World Tango Championship held in Buenos Aires. The Japanese couple seen towards the end of the clip is the champion for 2009, and they will no doubt become household names in some dance circles in no time. However, the uniformity of the dance styles and music interpretation seen on this stage does seem worrying to me…

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