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Dance of the champions

This is a clip of the dance by current and previous champions at the recently concluded Salon section of the annual World Tango Championship held in Buenos Aires. The Japanese couple seen towards the end of the clip is the champion for 2009, and they will no doubt become household names in some dance circles in no time. However, the uniformity of the dance styles and music interpretation seen on this stage does seem worrying to me…

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Curious about music

According to the logs, occasionally I seem to get a lot of hits on the lists of CDs that I maintain on this blog:

  1. Golden Age: A-D
  2. Golden Age: E-Z

Well, just to satisfy my curiosity, if you are one of those who has gone through many of the links, perhaps you can leave a comment or two and let me know what you were looking for exactly? 🙂


All about Tango in Singapore

With increasing ease plus a zero-cost(!) set-up provided by many free social networking tools currently available, there is suddenly a number of useful online sources (not necessarily overlapping) to tango happenings in Singapore. Together they will be more accurate than the once-reliable website which has been slow to keep up with the updates in recent months. Well, here are all of them in one place:

  1. Facebook: Tango Singapore
  2. Facebook: “Bailamos Tango en Singapur” (no longer active, 2012)
  3. Private domain: Tango Singapore

Of course, there is also the long-standing list of milongas and practicas in Singapore in this blog which I will try to keep up to date.


Online contact form

I just realised that the contact form for this blog has stopped working since I migrated a few domains over to the new web host Webfaction. Well, just fixed it a couple of minutes ago so hopefully no more problems.

ps. By the way, if you have tried to contact me using the contact form within the past 3 weeks, please try again. Thanks.