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Useful advice on embrace

Despite the often silly arguments regarding salon vs. so-called milonguero, this video from Sebastian Arce in my opinion offers lots of valuable advice on the tango embrace, regardless of whichever style you thought you might be following. Whether one chooses to adopt everything wholesale, or selectively pick out elements on posture, method of holding, etc., there’s enough to benefit anyone.


Improvement to-dos

Two things that I have been meaning to work on in my tango since some private classes I took last year, which happen to be at opposite ends of the spectrum.

  1. Slow down – less noise.
  2. Be less “safe”, and dare to make mistakes.

Old but stylish

Tango vals is something that I have always enjoyed, since the beginning of my tango journey.

Here is a clip of “some old-timers” (well, they are Osvaldo and Coca who incidentally are the winners of Tango Salon category in the Tango championship in 2004) dancing to a Canaro vals, showing many of the typical qualities of milongueros in Buenos Aires. As a matter of fact, I can confirm that they dance with just with as much zest and playfulness as in this demonstration in a regular milonga, as seen in the wee hours of the morning at Gricel. Age may have slowed some of the milongueros down, but it certainly has not dulled their playful spirits or creativity. In fact, I can definitely pick out hints of the sacadas and deft footwork that are part of the repertoire from the likes of Julio Balmaceda or Javier Rodriguez… 😆


Foot exercises

Something for the followers to strengthen their feet, courtesy of Mari of “My Tango Diaries”.