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Useful advice on embrace

Despite the often silly arguments regarding salon vs. so-called milonguero, this video from Sebastian Arce in my opinion offers lots of valuable advice on the tango embrace, regardless of whichever style you thought you might be following. Whether one chooses to adopt everything wholesale, or selectively pick out elements on posture, method of holding, etc., there’s enough to benefit anyone.


Milonguero (style) or no?

Nice video of Ricardo Viqueira & Maria Darritchon. Perhaps because of his continual use of circular energy, some of his movements (not just certain characteristic “Julio moves”) reminded me quite a bit of Julio Balmaceda. For me this video also highlights the ridiculousness of milonguero labels some people somehow insist on using. Viquerira is regarded as a milonguero and yet, for me at least, he is clearly not dancing in the typically-recognised milonguero style. A paradox? Well, there really shouldn’t be one.


Vals in Moscow

A quick note to say that I actually have a few posts already in the pipeline – have not been in the right mood to finish them. In the meantime, enjoy this piece from Noelia and Carlitos – love the fluidity and energy!


Forging new ties

A few of the partnerships that I have been following over the last couple of years have seen some reshuffling over the last 7-8 months, the most notable being Pablo y Noelia, Federico y Ines, Fabian y Virginia/Lorena, and finally the tragedy involving Andrea Misse.

However, after teaming up in latter half of 2011, Carlitos Espinoza is really making Noelia Hurtado shine (although she was already a good dancer to begin with) and the partnership seems to be getting better and better in my opinion. Really enjoyed this recent dance to late Biagi.