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Learning to dance without angles and using change of height to create additional dynamics.



Not sure how I missed these two videos in the past. Anyway two milonga performances here, two different partners, roughly one year apart from one of the exciting younger generation that I love watching. There are definitely some signs of evolution here but still the same energy and keen ear for music. Enjoy!


Interactive programming

Wow, didn’t realised that I have not been writing for such a long time! Anyway should have a few things coming up shortly as a some recent discussions.

In the meantime, I have been tinkering with Google Apps Script recently. This Javascript-ish listing of my tango music collection is the result. It’s still a work-in-progress however. Essentially this is a simple dashboard gadget with a backend driven by a Google Spreadsheet document. Obviously the information on singers is incomplete, since all this information has to be entered manually…


Video catalog

Seeing that these lists of music have served me well over the years

by, for example, preventing me from buying dupicates(!) and generally letting me double-check what I already have before making a recommendation, etc.

I think it’s time to also make a list of my video collections too.

As it turns out the list is not as small as I thought! Needless to say, I have also not been as studious as I intended to be. 😉