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October 24, 2002


After returning home from another reasonably successful (averaging about 20-25 people these days) weekly practica-milonga at the Porridge Club, cannot help but ponder this question: how best to take advantage of this momentum we seem to be building in order help our Tango community grow? Although it is satisfying to see people enjoying themselves, and at a regular venue, one thing is for sure, there is still much room for improvement in many of the basic techniques! In particular, most of the leaders have yet to acquire the proper navigational skills on the dance floor (myself included, at times) and show more consideration for other dancers sharing the same space.

Under discussions now is another weekly practica at a proper dance studio, which hopefully can build a similar following. What I would like to see is the Tango community progressing forward as a whole and gradually evolve into part of the Singapore dance scene.

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