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Video watching

To be honest, I don’t dance much these days, the last being a couple of nights 6 months ago, then another single night 3 months prior. However I still enjoy watching tango videos on Youtube. Here is a nice couple I found out from my feeds on Facebook. A small comment, looking back over their videos from 6 years ago, it seems their favourite combinations haven’t changed much over the years, except more smoothly executed, and more relaxed and less forced into having to cram many highlights into one performance. In fact, I noticed with many well-known teachers, their bread-and-butter moves can remain for as long as up to 10 years, but naturally the execution improves over time. I suppose this is part of human nature that it’s extremely difficult to continue to reinvent yourself?



I have never heard of this couple – for all I know, they may not even be regular partners and only came together especially for this event in Buenos Aires. However, the I can only describe their performance here as “full of surprises”!


Vals by Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez

One of my favourite performances during the just concluded Singapore Tango Festival.



Not sure how I missed these two videos in the past. Anyway two milonga performances here, two different partners, roughly one year apart from one of the exciting younger generation that I love watching. There are definitely some signs of evolution here but still the same energy and keen ear for music. Enjoy!