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October 26, 2003

Quick recap

Had a busy week as far as Tango was concerned.

Firstly, there was the last of the official workshops by Esteban and Evelyn on Monday night on boleos, followed by a led practica (which was graciously accepted by Esteban) at Xenbar.

Come Friday (in fact, a public holiday here because it was the Hindu festival of Deepavali) there were some more classes, and the big finale of a beach party event, Playa Noche, at Sentosa Island. There was a great turnout and it was good to see many dance genre in the one location. Seems that there is a strong likelihood that the event will be repeated in future!

To cap off the week, I even attended the unofficially weekly Milonga at Xenbar. However, it was quite obvious that almost everyone was quite content to socialise and less dancing. Guess all feeling the tiredness!? 🙂

Throughout the past week, the boundless energy and enthusiasm of Esteban and Evelyn have no doubt rubbed off on many people that they taught. They have also shown an eagerness in participating our local functions. To me, this seems a very critical ingredient for any Tango community to grow and thrive – the participation of resident or semi-resident teachers. They will be sorely missed as they head out to Hong Kong in the coming weeks. For me personally, I have again learnt many things, some not so new but very subtle ideas which will challenge my existing methods and Tango outlook in the coming weeks I am sure.

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