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December 10, 2003


Return to the floor

After being away for a little more than one month from Tango due to my Dip FM project and exam, finally got a chance to dance again this Tuesday, at Xenbar.

It was good to see many new faces at the Tuesday milonguita. And, judging from the looks of concentration, they seemed keen too. Perhaps there is yet hope!? However, floorcraft (navigation, following line of dance, (in)appropriate choice of steps) is still something all of the beginners and most intermediate dancers need to continue to work on!

Fortunately, it seems I have not become too rusty… :p Well, at least by the end of the night I was feeling more confident and relaxed, and was able to try out a few things now and again. I suppose sometimes having a brief break is a good for me, because the mind can then do its subconscious thing of internalising all that I have seen and learnt in recent months!? Even though during this brief absence, I listened to Tango frequently and I often imagined how to react (stepping, guiding using the chest) in certain situations, there is definitely no substitute to dancing with a real partner!

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  1. how meng
    Dec 16 2003

    Its good to see you back.

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