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January 28, 2004

Performance anxiety

Recently, attempts to form a performing troupe have taken a big step forward. With the backing of a local dance studio Jitterbugs, things are finally rolling and we had a first meeting last Sunday. Surprisingly and bucking the trend, there were more men than women.

Obviously, I am always keen to promote Tango and help the community grow. Why? The simple answer to that is, “because I enjoy it and I want to share my passion!” By most accounts, “sensationalising” by performances is a good way to achieve decent exposure, as well as attract new-comers.

However, I can see some personal “obstacles”. Firstly, preferring the social style due to my inherent “laziness”, I have mostly shunned the more flashy variations. So, guess this will force me to practice hard to refine my techniques!? Second point is the more practical issue of time, which requires some degree of commitment naturally. Lastly, frankly despite the fact that I was performing as early as just after 6 months into my brief Tango experience*, I still get the butterflies in my stomach whenever I am on the stage, even 2 years into it!

Well, hopefully the momentum of what was started can be sustained, and we will achieve the desired outcome.

*Well, to cut a long story short, I was too polite to refuse the invitation to be someone’s partner and persuaded to perform on a number of occasions. Let it be known also that since I was relatively inexperienced, we ended up quite daring in some of our routines – in fact, things I would not try now because I know better! 🙂 Also, kind of embarrassed to look back at videos of those early performances now, some OK, some, well…

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