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June 16, 2004


Just returned from a wonderful night of dancing at our regular Tuesday milonguita at Xen Bar.

In fact, I am quite glad now that I did not manage to leave earlier (just before 11pm) as there weren’t many people up till that time. Tonight’s milonguita was delayed due to the workshop by Gladys/Ricardo at the same venue, and most of my friends who were at the workshop did not return from dinner till after 11pm.

With the CD#7 (with tandas and cortinas) that I put on after that, something just clicked and I felt so much energy from the music that I could not stop dancing. Furthermore, I danced 2 songs with my teacher Gladys – for me, always a daunting task! However, I was able to negotiate the rather dramatic pieces (extremely nervous for the first one, I must admit…) rather successfully, I might add. 🙂 It did help that I had already “warmed up” after dancing with a number of people – all enjoyable dances.

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