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September 1, 2004


Where am I?

Whenever we undertake to learn a new subject, sooner or later, for all the efforts we put in (or not, as the case may be), inevitably each and every one of us is interested to know: how do we stack up? I mean, do we have far to go before we achieve some form of mastery??

Well, it seems that such a check-list may exist for Argentine Tango!? Perhaps we can all tick ourselves off against the criteria listed in these rather humorous definitions of different levels of Tango? 😉

Incidentally, I read about this from My life as a Tango beginner, which has a warped sense of humour but good writing. The writer, who calls himself Pablo, painstakingly chronicles his on-going trials and tribulations in attaining the elusive Tango Nirvana. In fact, I was so mesmerised that I read everything in one sitting!

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  1. Dec 2 2004

    Well, you don’t say where you are yourself on this level ladder…

  2. Dec 5 2004

    Hi, nice to hear from the famous “Tango beginner”! Having picked up Tango close to 4 years ago, I guess I am probably an “intermediate” intermediate leader!? 🙂 Seriously though, the Tango scene in Singapore is relatively small and so most leaders aren’t seriously tested unless they also do a bit of travelling.

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