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December 14, 2004



Had a ‘revelation’ in the shower last night.

I firmly believe (and have experienced) that if I held the image, or more of a sensation really, of a ‘model’ dancer in my head while dancing, I can begin to approach the style of that particular dancer. Since I am one of a very few slightly more experienced leaders in Singapore who has slightly resisted against dancing as a follower (despite all the commonly perceived benefits of leader dancing the role of the follower, I might add), just had the crazy idea that, perhaps I can approach the follower’s role the same way!? Anyway, should have a chance to find out tonight!

As for dancing with someone else ‘in the head’ – as it were – I don’t think it really is as bizarre as that. After all, people routinely ‘lose themselves’ to the music while dancing. What I described is but one way of immersing myself in the music, by providing one particular interpretation, through a surrogate. It’s all in the mind really… 🙂

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  1. crazymel
    Jan 25 2005

    Hi yy,
    Just happened to bump into your blogs….you must wonder how..well, it is all over. Quite good coverage.

    I do share your sentiments and enlightenment…recently had some myself too…while dreaming/sleeping..the ideal.connection energy of the leader and follower became clearer..I was equating it to the yin and yan theory.

    Hope to read more..continue to blog..

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