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January 16, 2005

The elusive Tango Nuevo

Recently there has been some at times rather intelligent (for once) discussions on the Tango-L mailing list about the “elusive” Tango Nuevo, the term Nuevo meaning “new” here.

After reading the different opinions and drawing from my own experiences, I tend to agree that, instead of being a style of dancing (in the sense of a group of people adopting so-and-so’s steps, figures, postures, or responding to the music in a particular way, etc.), Tango Nuevo means more as a way of thinking and analysing the dance.

Reason for the analysis? In order to discover all of the possibilities. It’s a direct consequence of this exploration which has led to the unusual movements on the dance floor that may seem, on first appearances, drastically different from traditional Tango Salon.

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