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October 9, 2005

Guided practice

Had my first session of guided practice last Friday night. Boy, it was certainly a lot of work to keep people interested (or entertained, depending on your perspective :-)) for about one and a half hour*!

As planned, the session started off with me leading the participants for about 25-30 mins through fixed exercises I had prepared, which will be repeated each week. However, I was not sure how effective/useful they were at this point, given the wide range in dancing experience in the people who came. Most probably I will stick to this set for the time being. Tried out a few things subsequently but my lack of experience definitely was evident.

Some to-dos even at this early stage:

  1. have plenty of themes prepared for each week – will definitely keep me honest…
  2. try to come up with appropriate exercises for followers.

Oh well, practice makes perfect. As one visitor remarked, hopefully this is the start of a good and long-lasting tradition!

* The exercise portion of the night lasted from about 8.30pm to 10pm. ‘Free time’ was 10pm to usual closing time of 11pm.

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