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October 9, 2005

Rushing and confidence

Attended our semi-regular milonga last Saturday night.

Over the course of the night, it occurred that I might still be dancing too quickly – especially during my favourite Vals? That is, while I felt the ‘rush’ from the music, my partner might not have been totally comfortable with the pace…

I must admit, it’s still relatively difficult for me to remain ‘calm’ when the I feel drive as it were by the intense emotions expressed by the rhythm, the melody or the lyrics in the music. I wonder: is this a reflection of my lack of confidence in resisting such emotions? And dance to my own beat?

ps. Something new I learnt yesterday: One should not be a slave to the beat. That is, take a step every beat instead of occasionally taking more time. After all this is dancing that we are talking about, and one should be daring in exploring the possibilities – though not off the beat all the time. 🙂

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