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October 13, 2005


Dancing the Vals

Just noticed that Royce has commented on some thoughts I had about the music in Tango Vals.

I think I am doing some of the things mentioned in her explanations intuitively (and somewhat disorganizingly…) at present. However, my current understanding – including my understanding in music or lack of, period – is not sufficient for me to articulate it so clearly. In fact, in general, I tend to dance on the <1> and <1><2> beats of the Vals for most of Valses, but occasionally <1><2><3> on the faster Valses – crazy, isn’t it!? 🙂 At the moment at least, I hardly ever dance on <1><3> because it seems the “heavy”, i.e. the <1>, step will always feel rushed, no?? Having said that, may be worth trying out at the practica.

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  1. Oct 23 2005

    To be more specific, after some discussions with Royce and further self-examination, I think what I have been doing during the faster Valses is to dance 1,2,3-1,1,2,3-1 for short periods in a given song – or extended periods of time, depending on who you ask…

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