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November 30, 2005

Create community music

Since the early days in my forays into the world of Tango, I have always had a keen interest in Tango music and learning the DJ’ing aspects. In fact, I do DJ often at practicas and can boast one of the larger music collections in our small community. Recently, the Tango DJ Blog (which is a rather provocative title for a site in my opinion…) had a story about creating community music. The rationale is that instead of having only a handful of people doing the hard work of collecting the music and then compiling playlists, an old Mac G4 has been made available as part of the DJ station. Now everyone can leave his/her playlists on one machine which can then be shared and critiqued.

I really think this is a very neat way of starting a community-based project. But the question now is: what is the appropriate method of execution? I mean, if a given community does not have many (if any) people with good appreciation of music, how can the standard be raised?

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