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December 5, 2005

Unwarranted attention

Frankly I am more of a reserved type and have never been one to seek the lime light. However, with increasing amount of time spent on Tango in an instructional role, i.e. initiated a guided practica session as well as taking over (temporarily) recently a Tango class while the usual instructors went on holidays, all of a sudden I am standing out from the crowd. As a result, nowadays I cannot but help feeling that whenever I take to the dance floor, certain amount of attention will be directed at me and my teaching partner.

Good or bad, this is, I guess, part and parcel of being a senior representative in our Tango community!? To some extent this must be the kind of pressure felt by all the past visiting teachers* whenever they take to the dance floor? Must be quite difficult to maintain a certain image everywhere you go?

On the other hand, the growth of a community like ours should not be left to one or two individuals but shared among a few to lighten the load. As a long-time member, I certainly feel a certain obligation to give back a little of what I know. So, I suppose the appropriate attitude is to just treat being in the spot-light as an impetus to strive to improve constantly… 🙂

* Not that I am game to compare myself to the Masters technically… 🙂

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