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March 9, 2006


Tango images

This link was mentioned in the Tango-L list today. Really beautiful images of Tango: no flashy steps, no young/sexy dancers and, hey, maybe not even one person under 50 out of those photographed, but the concentration, the focus, the feelings, the essence of Tango…

These are very much the types of images I hope to be able to produce in future – not just of Tango of course. 🙂

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  1. Belinda
    Mar 10 2006

    Real people, real tango. It matters not the age, it matters not the aesthetics of the steps. Tango of the people – my true inspiration and love of tango.


  2. Mar 10 2006

    By the way, there are more Tango-related photos at the same website.

  3. Royce
    Mar 13 2006

    All are nice pieces. Found a photo of a HK tanguera – Mary. Unfortunately, she passed away last year.

  4. markov
    Mar 19 2006

    really nice pictures. thanks for the post. it’s beautiful.

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