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July 4, 2006

Fun and laughter

There inevitably comes a time in any budding Tango dancer’s education that perfecting of the techniques, i.e. embrace, walk, etc., is constantly on his/her mind while dancing.

However – and this is, I suppose, more a reflection as a result of regular Beginners classes these days – I feel that we should not lose sight of the fact that Tango is, after all, just a dance. As a dance, we should aim to enjoy ourselves. From time to time, it’s good not to take ourselves too seriously. That is, despite the training and requirement for good posture, the connection, the navigational skills, the musicality, etc. etc., which are all good to have, we need to somehow inject fun back into Tango occasionally – if not all the time!

Now, for a practical way of translating this into action. I suggest – the idea came to me during a recent practica – dancing one song paying utmost attention to posture, technique, balance, connection, etc., followed by another song where you try to immerse totally in the music and enjoy company of the the person in your embrace. And don’t forget to walk proudly and naturally!

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