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September 29, 2006

Choice quotes

Just returned from the Taipei Tango festival a few days ago. Body is still aching, courtesy of taking too many classes… 😉

This year, I was very happy with the workshops conducted by all 3 Argentine couples. I was especially and quite pleasantly surprised by the quality of teaching from Javier Rodriguez and his new partner Andrea Misse. In fact the classes, while at times physically challenging, were quite entertaining. Some examples:

On that category of movements in Tango where the woman’s leg wraps around the man sharply in a whip-like action:

“The secret of the gancho is not in how you put it in, but in how you take it out…”

On dancing with rhythm:

“Need to have an uplifting feel, make the woman feel so happy that she will move her ass (Javier’s words) butt (Andrea’s translation)…”

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