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January 23, 2007

Listen to the heart of the woman

After a while, I believe Tango needs to be much more than just a series of movements. Of course, the fundamentals such as walking, posture, and ability to listen to the music, etc., are all important qualities, but the less tangible aspects, such as being able to connect to your partner and the dance at an emotional level, are even more important. In the articles below, written by or about one of the most respected living milongueros in Buenos Aires, Cacho Dante, we can see glimpses of the mysteries of this addictive dance called Tango.

(Not in the articles listed above, but graciously related to me by Isaac)

When asked what is the “essence of Tango” – from the man’s perspective – Cacho’s answer was:

“The essence of tango is the women, the music and the dancefloor full of other dancers”.

There is no mention of chandeliers, big dance floors, candle-lit tables, fine dining, expensive sound systems, etc., but simply a gathering of passionate dancers respecting each other and the dance floor, driven by danceable music. In short, the people and the music will do…

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