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January 23, 2007


The Tango connection

For those of us fortunate to have seen him dance in person in Taipei, Javier Rodriguez, with both his ex-partner Geraldine and current partner Andrea, is a real sight to behold on the dance floor. Well, if not, there is always YouTube! Below is an improvisation at El Beso in Buenos Aires. (YouTube link to the clip)

Isaac, a local tanguero currently residing in Buenos Aires, has provided us with some valuable insights into Javier. We can see that, behind the dazzling performances and dashing movements, there is also a Tango dancer with a deep understanding of the music and the true essence of Tango, as summed up by this quote.

“Its never about connecting to the music. You must first connect with your partner. Then together as one, connect to the music.”

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  1. ah hao
    Jan 24 2007

    Seeing him dancing in real person is definitely a totally different experience from seeing him in youtube. You just have to be there to experience what it is like. “There is nothing like the real thing !”

  2. Isaac
    Jan 28 2007

    Seeing him in videos, then seeing him in person.

    But you know what, the best thing of all, is to feel and dance with him.

    There is nothing like the real thing….


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