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February 3, 2007

One year on

It’s been almost a year since the self-financed IXI Danza opened its doors. Fortunately despite some difficulties in the beginning and the continuing lack of publicity “muscles”, it is heartening to see that a positive influence has been created.

Opened during a period when there was a clear risk of mass departure of dancers (mainly in the advanced-beginners and intermediate categories) from the community due to a lack of regular events, IXI Danza has played a pivotal role in the stabilising of the situation and, somewhat surprisingly, to its subsequent growth.

The implications are clear:

  1. for the die-hard dancers, to be able to dance in a community that is experiencing a rebirth;
  2. for Tango businesses, a potential market of dancers which can be tapped into.

Through the regular classes and guided practicas conducted at IXI Danza, Argentine Tango has made a lasting impression on close to a 100 dance-loving people – both young and old. 😉 Overall, slightly more than 10 “new bloods” have become regulars in the Singapore Tango scene (unfortunately the followers still outnumber leaders!) during the past year – at this rate, the Tango community in Singapore should reach 200-strong in another 10 years… 😳 However, I am optimistic that the rate of growth will surely snow-ball, i.e. the more positive examples we see on the dance floor, the more likely the newly-initiated will stick around longer for them to discover the true beauty of Tango.

Not too shabby for a small outfit in less than 1 year, I must say. 😀

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