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February 8, 2007


Elegance from simplicity

I have enjoyed reading Deby’s blog – an American expat living in Buenos Aires – since discovering it a few months ago. She seems to be able to provide both an insider and an outsider’s point of view of how Tango is perceived and danced in Buenos Aires, very much the “Mecca” for many students of Tango.

While the following may sound over-simplified, I like Deby’s summary of the key elements in followers’ movements:

For me there are only 3 steps – the caminata (walk), the giro (turns) and the ocho… these 3 steps combined with posture, axis, become 40 different movements.

In Salon Tango… we feel the passion in our bodies from the music. The beauty is to be able to transmit it to our partners… This is pure passion. Not 50 million steps, and kicks, and twists, done as fast as possible.


Please read her original piece here, where she also has some interesting remarks regarding the Villa Urquiza style of dancing.

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  1. Dec 30 2008

    Thanks for writing nice things about me on your blog!

    • Jan 1 2009

      Hi Deby,

      Happy new year!

      You are most welcome. I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more interesting tales from BsAs.

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