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March 26, 2007

Melting pot

It was only after I had finished writing about the “Hsueh-tze Effect” that I started thinking: “hey, we actually had quite a mixture of professions attending the workshop!”

Firstly, health care. On the day of the workshops, if you had a headache or other assorted ailments, never fear, for we have an in-house doctor on hand. Never mind that she may be struggling with following you while on the dancefloor, you are in safe hands! Or, sore backs, anyone? Well, you get not one but two physios to the rescue! Note that massage service may require prior booking…

On the other hand, if you happen to be IT-challenged, well, this is something we have in abundance!

Finally, on more serious matters. Need investment advice? We’ve got it. Want to have a detailed understanding of Singapore’s economic policies, better make sure you leave enough time because it’s going to take a long while…

Moving to more recreational matters, want to find out more about Singapore, we’ve got the person. Or, if you feel seriously loaded, and are in need of an oil tanker to take on your next vacation, it can be arranged. Finally, it’s also possible to get some help to brush up on your English too…

See yourself in any of those roles? Anything I missed out on?? 🙄

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