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April 13, 2007


Readings for BA

Over at Argentina Travel Guide, a website of travel advice and stories contributed by other travellers, there is a nice article “The Beginners Guide to Tango in Buenos Aires” by Tangocherie, who is an expat Tango dancer and teacher living in Buenos Aires. Definitely worth your while to at least check out the Top 10 Destinations in Argentina if you were considering making the trip to Buenos Aires at some point in future!

Other references:

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  1. Apr 15 2007

    Thanks for the shoutout yy! Cherie did a great job on that article for us. Also, we’re looking to develop a whole section on tango, so if you have any suggestions or advice, let us know.

  2. Apr 17 2007

    Thanks for the mention. I appreciate that Cesar wanted to include a good introduction to tango on the very-informative Argentina Travel Guide site.
    Tango is as much a part of Argentina as meat and wine.

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