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May 2, 2007


Role reversals

Same song, contrasting feel.

The famous De Fazio brothers.

Two ladies at a Moscow milonga.

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  1. May 3 2007

    hahaha….. it is sooo interesting, specially for the De Fazio brothers’ milonga. Now I got 3 great interpretions of Reliquias Portenas, thank you Louis 😀

  2. Jean-Michel
    May 9 2007

    Great post, Louis! The leading women is Silivina Vals, she is one of the regular partners of El Flaco Dany, a brilliant milonga dancers from Buenos Aires. I loved the Macana brothers demo but my true respect goes to Silvina, for the following reasons. First, try to dance a milonga with high heels! Second, Silvina’s milonga is entirely improvised & lead!!! Yes! The Macana Brothers, on the other hands, are “just” executing (yes brilliantly) a rehearsed choreography.

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