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May 15, 2007

“Simple” milonga with Javier y Andrea

A wonderful song (“La Cicatriz” by D’Arienzo) and demo by one of the most fabulous dancers of the milonga!

The Tango community in Singapore has been very privileged to have Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Missé with us for the past few days, considering how highly sought after they are worldwide! During their first trip to Singapore, Javier and Andrea were hosted by IXI Danza and conducted a number of workshops.

While looking at the clip above, it is not difficult to appreciate the generosity of these wonderful teachers when you realise that all of the techniques used in the video were in fact taught, and explained in great details I might add! Now, if only I can dance to at least 50% of what they are doing… 🙁

ps. In case you were wondering, the “simple” in the title refers to the fact that Javier is using only the steps from the warm-up exercises we did in the 2 milonga classes, and how he can make even the simplistic look fantastic!

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