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May 17, 2007

More means less

“Less means more” is an oft-used cliche in Tango. More often than not, it is just regurgitated without the speaker having a full understanding of the words’ meaning…

Here are some examples where it may be true that “less” really can lead to “more”:

  1. In close embrace, men/women over-emphasising the forward projection of the chest. This can lead to chest “pushing away” the partner and arching of the back due to shoulders opening out too much.
  2. Walking forward. Sometimes men/women can concentrate so much on “correct” techniques that the resulting actions are ironically either too mechanical or controlled. Meanwhile, we are forgetting that most of us already knows how to walk, and in the most natural and individualistic ways. In other words, relax and just… walk!!
  3. Being direct and natural. This is the essence of Javier and Andrea’s dance technique.
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