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June 17, 2007


Dancing kiddies

Since I started posting links to videos of a common theme, I thought I’d do the same again today. This time, the theme is on young dancers, and I mean young!

It all started with the clip of an improvisation to Poema mentioned here. Note that the sound level is extremely low for this clip.

Then I found another weblog also discussing young talents. She is only 6 by the way…

This reminded me of something posted by Ney Melo. Failrly long clip but well worth the wait.

And let’s not forget what the fabulous Geraldine Rojas was able to do when she was still a little girl!

Finally, something, not as young but still teenagers, of a “next generation” from the Naveira clan – as in Gustavo Naveira, one of the pillars of the Tango Nuevo movement!

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  1. Nov 24 2008

    Another couple of stars in the making? By the way, their names are Gustavo Chaile and Maria Sol Cordero for people interested in looking for more youtube clips of this cute couple.

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