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November 23, 2007


It’s great to have Hsueh-tze back, for the second time this year. Currently we are about half-way through her series of workshops. As usual, she has enlightened all of us on the subtleties of close embrace and yet again highlighted some very important fundamental techniques that allow us to do just that little extra with the music…

Unfortunately, as usual, this is also going to be another period of struggle for me, as far as the Tango is concerned, as I try to disassemble and critically scrutinise the Tango knowledge that I have accumulated up to this point. Really a kind of deconstruction/construction process. Hopefully, after the eventual reconstruction, I can reach a better level than I am. The trouble is, it can take a while. Meanwhile, things can get a touch frustrating. 🙁

However, I most definitely will not give up this period of “suffering” for anything! In fact, sometimes I feel sad for those who are unwilling to open up to new ideas but choose to interpret things in very narrow-minded ways. Rather than trusting in an instructor’s experience and knowledge – even if just for the duration of the class – they try to take the easy way out by imagining how things should be done, rather than asking why it is done in a particular way. In my opinion, once the mind is closed, it will be difficult to evolve to a higher level. Same for dancing.

In a sense, it’s good that I will be taking a short break from Tango soon. This will give me some time to juggle with new concepts mentally, while the body tries to catch up – or perhaps the other way around!? Let’s see how long it will take this time.

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