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May 2, 2008


Group tango from DNI

I have always enjoyed solo performances from the best dancers. However, there is something to said about seeing a group of people performing the same movements in time, no? Well, this clip of teachers from DNI is just fun, fun, fun all the way!

By the way, the title of the song is “La Milonga Que Faltaba”.

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1 Comment
  1. belinda-tang
    May 5 2008

    Hi! You are back in action, good 🙂 This performance by the DNI company was at the Opening Night of Pulpo Tango Week, 10-17 Oct 2007. I remember it as I was there, on the same side of the camera. Hee:)

    Btw if you need to contact me, do so via gmail. My poor Mac has been down for 2 weeks, can´t get to my Singnet email.

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