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June 7, 2008


BA Tango

For many of the people who has developed a keen interest in Tango, a trip to Buenos Aires is probably the ultimate goal in their Tango experience. In fact, these days it seems that more and more people that I am personally aware of are able to make the trip, e.g. a blogger that I follow is right there as we speak.

For me, after taking up Tango about 8 years ago and with the recent changes in circumstances, I feel that I am getting to the stage where a trip to Buenos Aires can signal either a new beginning, or the end of it all.

I wonder what it will be when the time comes?

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  1. Aug 16 2008

    You will find an entirely different tango than what you have been dancing for years. Tango without the culture of Buenos Aires isn’t the same. Be prepared to start anew and learn from the milongueros.

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