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June 15, 2008

Tango fantasy

For a moment, let’s indulge in some fanciful thinking.

Fact 1: Tango has been in Singapore for close to nine years.
Fact 2: Group classes with local teachers started at Jitterbugs, a fairly large dance studio in Singapore, since late 2000.
Fact 3: Size of a typical 8-week beginners classes is around 15-20.

Just imagine, 4 such group classes per year, for all of the preceding eight years. And let’s say that 1/3 made it to at least one milonga or practicas and went on to stay in the community for 6 months. This actually means an annual increase of about 20-25 people! Over a period of nine years, even assuming that only 1/2 of the ones who stayed for 6 months eventually became regulars, we are still talking close to 90 new people in our small community!

What an exciting thought: to have 90 people just from one studio alone!

Alas this exists only in imagination, as this is very far from the reality in Singapore…

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