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October 7, 2008

Slow and steady valses

A short and quick one.

Here are some suggestions for “slow and steady” valses, that are supposed to be suitable for people learning to dance to vals rhythm. As I don’t have all of these tracks (or the right versions), the usual disclaimer YMMV. 🙂 However, it is sometimes rather refreshing to see other people’s choices.

  • Francisco Canaro – Ronda del Querer
  • De Angelis – Sonar y nada. Not too quick and fairly steady, but has some nice different phrases (rhythmic – lyric) alternating.
  • Roberto Firpo – Olas Nocturnas
  • Roberto Firpo – Nunca Me Olvides
  • Roberto Firpo – Horas De Pasion
  • Lucio Demare-Sus Éxitos con Miranda, Berón y Quintana – Dos corazones
  • Lucio Demare-Sus Éxitos con Raúl Berón – Al pasar
  • Lucio Demare – No Nos Veremos Mas
  • Lomuto Francisco – Un vals
  • Lomuto Francisco – Congojas que matan
  • Lomuto Francisco – A su memoria
  • Pedro Laurenz-Creaciones inolvidables con Podestá y Bermudez – Paisaje
  • Pedro Laurenz-Creaciones inolvidables con Podestá y Bermudez – Temblando
  • Pedro Laurenz – Mendocina
  • Anibal Troilo – Troilo-Fiorentino Vol2 – Pedacito De Cielo
  • Troilo – Un momento
  • Troilo _Glorias De Tango Vol. 2 – Romance de Barrio
  • Canaro-Glorias de Tango Vol.1 – Sonar y nada mas
  • Canaro-Glorias de Tango Vol.1 – Bajo el cielo
  • Francisco Canaro – Tres Jolie (Muy Lindo)
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