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November 19, 2008


Art of Tango series

This week, one of my favourite teachers, Hsueh-tze Lee, will be arriving in Singapore to continue her Art of Tango series (March 2007, November 2007, November 2008). This will be her third visit in 2 years as a matter of fact.

Looking at the list of workshop topics is like venturing into a toy store with too many goodies to choose from! In particular I am especially looking forward to the following classes:

  • Enticing walks
  • The two classes on turns
  • Swirls and suspension in vals
  • The three classes devoted to different orchestras

Can’t wait till the workshops start. Thankfully this comes immediately after a company event that I am helping to organise is over, so that I can relax completely. 🙂

There will also be two “studio milongas” (to use the local parlance) for the workshop-averse people:

  1. Saturday 22 Nov, 9pm – 1am JJSalsarengue.
  2. Saturday 29 Nov, 9pm – 1am Abrazos
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  1. Iain
    Nov 21 2008

    Hi, Just found your blog and I’m interested in your thought on tandas, but the tandas page is broken. Do you still have this information?



  2. Nov 24 2008

    Hi Iain,

    I used to have some pages on tandas but they did not really contain any discussions or thoughts. It was just a list of tandas which I compiled (and which I managed to fit onto 60min-CDs) during the early days when I first started DJing at our milongas. After a while, they seemed a little “amateurish” which was why I removed the link… 🙂

    Is there anything that you are looking for in particular?

    Anyway, for the best general advice on tandas/DJing, I highly recommend the following:
    Tango Argentino de Tejas (Stephen Brown, USA)

    A friend of mine who is an excellent DJ also has some good insights into tandas on her blog from time to time: Royce’s Tango thoughts.

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