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December 17, 2008

Rekindle the fire

When I decided to take a break from event organising for Tango earlier this year, I never imagined that I’d be right into the thick of things within a year – well, about 7 months as a matter of fact.

Ironically, as if coming to a full circle, the venue for my reentry is none other than Xen Bar, one of the long-term Tango venues since the early days of Singapore’s Tango community, albeit at a new and much larger venue. More significantly, the owner of Xen Bar was a Tango dancer himself and has long supported Tango despite catering to a relatively small market even now.

Well, given the enthusiastic response of last night’s first milonga (over 40 people for a milonga held on a week night) with me back as the DJ at Xen Bar, there are at least grounds for some cautious optimism. Hopefully Xen Bar can once again provide the needed springboard for the initiation and retention of new-comers to our Tango community. After all, with more people in the “system”, perhaps we can finally see the long-hoped for growth that we have all been waiting for? But let’s not look too far ahead just yet… 😉

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