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March 22, 2009

Connecting the dots

For many people, making the trip to Buenos Aires from Singapore is quite a big deal. There is the time involved and also expensive air fares to contend with. However, even having made the decision, there still remains the question: how do I get there?

Buenos Aires and Singapore, with (currently) a time difference of 13 hours, are almost at the two opposite sides of the globe. While researching for my own upcoming trip – by searching online and discussing with with past travellers – as far as I am aware, the possible routes for going to Buenos Aires are:

  1. Singapore – South Africa – BsAs (Single carrier)
  2. Singapore – Frankfurt – BsAs (Single carrier, mostly, because of a code-shared component)
  3. Singapore – London – Spain – BsAs (Single carrier, mostly, because of a code-shared component)
  4. Singapore – Sydney – BsAs (May require multiple carriers)
  5. Singapore – New York – BsAs (May require multiple carriers – need more research)
  6. Singapore – Major European city – BsAs (Multiple carriers and requires local knowledge)

In the end, the choice is probably down to cost, and time available for travelling. I believe that it is definitely worthwhile to explore all options because the shortest route may mean a more exhausting journey. As for me, I chose option 4, largely due to the cost savings.

Two caveats:

  1. Zuji surprisingly was not able to find the best deals in my case, possibly because these days airlines are introducing promotional fares at a much faster rate? My suggestion is to book directly with the airline office or online.
  2. The most direct route may not be the cheapest. In my case, by choosing a route which uses two carriers and adds an additional day of travelling time, the savings – “in real terms” – is approximately two pairs of Comme Il Fauts… 🙂

ps. If anyone is aware of more options, please do let me and I will add to the list.

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