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March 22, 2009


Technological Tango

Finally, a real of example of nerdy gadgets for Tango! Actually I am rather doubtful of the benefits of these devices but hey, it’s cool to bring some VR into the real world, no?

ps. For those less familiar with geeky acronyms, HMD = head mounted displays and VR = virtual reality, of course…

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  1. Mar 26 2009

    I want to know what do they see with that devices…

  2. Mar 26 2009

    I think what the guys see is just a view of themselves. If you watch carefully, one lady with a video camera is assigned to each guy. The video feed is transmitted directly to the head-mounted display. Presumably the pouch that each guy is wearing contains the receiver plus battery.

  3. kimsoon
    May 7 2009

    It looks like a system to show the leader what he is doing
    This system seems to capture the leader’s walking from spectactor’s point of view, and the video is fed back into the HMD so that the leader can see himself as he walks and corrects himself on the spot?

    But…isn’t it tiring for the brain to process these feeds, at the same time navigating the dancefloor?

    I would rather this device be a video device to let a spectator see what the leader is seeing on the floor, haha.

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