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March 23, 2009

Trip planning

Not long ago, some bloggers commented on how it was not really worthwhile to be taking short trips to Buenos Aires since it was not possible to get a good taste of the . Well, in a way, I do agree but – shrug – what can you do short of taking a premature retirement?? 🙁

Well, now that it’s my turn to plan for my upcoming trip to BA in a few days’ time, here is a smattering of ideas that I have gathered:

  1. Attending milongas with good Golden Age music.
    Did plenty of that! 🙂 See also my post on Likes and Dislikes.
  2. Taking group classes.
    Took classes from some excellent teachers at Escuela de Argentina Tango, concentrating more on milonga.
  3. Taking private classes with 1-2 miliongero-style teachers.
    Took a few privates but only one from a recognised milonguero.
  4. Shoe shopping – yes, men need shoes too even though I can personally attest that my trusty suede shoes from PH have lasted 6 years and going strong. In particular I will be looking for a good pair of dance sneakers and suede shoes with rubber heels.
    Found 3 pairs (2 pairs from Fabio Shoes because they are light and I like the thinner soles) of nice dance sneakers which are the less track-shoe-looking types. Also found a nice pair from Alpie 2×4. 🙂
  5. CD shopping.
    Like you wouldn’t believe…
  6. Tango show – well, perhaps at least the one Sally has highly recommended.
    The ticket price was quite affordable, especially given the current exchange rates. However, could not find time… 🙁
  7. Try out some nuevo practicas.
    Attended Practica X once.
  8. Catch up with friends, other bloggers, people we (hopefully) meet at milongas…
    Well, once or twice but only at the milongas.
  9. Visiting markets – those with and without fleas in the name.
    Went to the San Telmo market and La Boca.
  10. Sample some fine cafes, restaurants.
    Cafe Tortorni but no other well-known brands…
  11. Visit art Museums.
    Unfortunately, no time.
  12. 3-4 day trip out of Buenos Aires? Iguazu Falls?
    See above.

Anything else I can try to do in 3.5 weeks? 🙂

** Updated on 15 May. Now that I have come back from the trip, a quick recap in italics.

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