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April 13, 2009


My first memory of Sunderland was a scene from the documentary “Tango: our dance” I saw close to 10 years ago. I remember thinking to myself how strange it was that people were dancing in a basketball court!? And the amount of space they had! Why then, all this talk of having to dance in crowded milongas? Of course, that was way before I got a better understanding of the dance itself and also the fact that there were many different milongas – the ones in the downtown have smaller dance floors, for example.

Well, we made it to Sunderland last night. My first two thoughts were: 1) it looked exactly the same as what I had seen in old video clips as (obviously…) and 2) it was smaller than I’d imagined. In fact, it seems to be generally true that photos and videos tend to make such venues seem larger than they are!?

By the way, the beef lomo that they serve is fantastic. Plain but surprisingly tasty. It may look horrendously large at first but definitely possible for one person to finish!

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