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July 21, 2009


Essence of a good milonga

I have been kind of neglecting this blog recently.

Although I had already shared some thoughts in the past on this topic, see “Tone of the milonga” and “Authentic milonga experience”, it was thoroughly enjoyable to read a fellow blogger’s (Debbi of An Ever Fixed Mark) views on what she felt to be essential ingredients of an excellent milonga here:

Guest Post: Buenos Aires Milongas

Frankly, apart from the comments on performances at milongas in Buenos Aires (I encountered only 3 milongas having performances in the month I was in Buenos Aires, two pre-announced, and one impromptu as far as I could tell?), I couldn’t agree more. A great milonga requires a good organiser who looks after his guests and provides excellent dancing music.

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  1. Jul 22 2009

    Thank you for the link. 🙂

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