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August 11, 2009

Homage to milongueros

Thanks to Simba Tango for posting the link to Marisa Galindo’s youtube channel where she has posted clips of the show she directed in honor of the milongueros, “Homenaje a los Milongueros de Buenos Aires” in 1991.

Very few, if any, choreographed dances from what I can see. Apart from notable names in their younger days – and some no longer with us – there is a very young Geraldine Rojas dancing with the great Gerardo Portalea as well as none other than Gustavo Naveira! I like especially the more recent clip (2005) with Ruben Harymbat, in his dynamic milonguero style clip danced to the driving rhythms of Biagi; it does not feel dated and rivals, in my opinion, many of the so-called nuevo performances…

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