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August 27, 2009


Valuable lessons from BsAs

I have been meaning to write a summary of my experiences of BsAs. This is a quick attempt to try to capture some of the most important lessons (majority below is from the classes I took) I learnt during the one-month stay.

  • Dance freely. This is a concept I cannot stress enough. In particular, 1) Not to feel constrained to dance in a particular style and 2) not to be afraid to make mistakes – they may lead to new “creations”. And, as a teacher I respect highly put it succinctly, “to dance you need to move!”
  • For leaders: allow your partner the freedom to move and express herself, through your embrace (which by the way does not mean opening the embrace if you are already in close embrace… :shocked:) and the next point.
  • Follow your follower – physically, not just some mental delusion…
  • Listen to your partner. Respond to her mood, energy and musicality. For followers, assert yourself in this equal partnership we call tango.
  • Dance with passion. Move only when you feel compelled to do so because of the music.
  • Patience. This applies not only in developing navigational skills in crowded conditions but also in learning and adapting to every new partner you dance with.
  • Most importantly of all, have fun in every dance! Go with the energy you feel on any night, whether it’s high or low.
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