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August 30, 2009


Spirit of milonga without (high) heels

Although I had heard of “La Turca” with her platform shoes, it was not until I took classes with them in Buenos Aires that I was able to witness it for myself. Surely this will eliminate once and for all women’s excuse of not having good shoes to dance in!

A slightly less elegant clip but more informative technically:

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  1. Sep 11 2009

    Hola Louis,

    I suggest you check that video of fantastic Alejandra & Sergio.

    Dancing with platform shoes is easy. Try to dance a full song the way Alejandra is doing…

    un abrazo, Jean-Michel

  2. Jean-Michel
    Sep 19 2009

    Hola Louis,

    Just found another great video to complement your post! Enjoy!

    • Sep 19 2009

      Hola Jean-Michel,

      Thanks for the links! This just shows that these professionals sure can take things to a different level!

      I remember first seeing Alejandra & Sergio in a video from CITA 2001. They have almost reinvented themselves since then, and hard to believe she is already a mother of 3 kids!?

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