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September 1, 2009

Grocery list

To add on to the main lessons I learnt from BsAs, here I attach a short list – to serve as a reminder for myself – of the important technical things I picked up, and need to revise…

Group classes at Escuela de Argentino Tango

  • steps and leads that can be used for milonga (as in the music style)
  • lossening of the embrace and yet have a closer connection with my partner
  • some slightly fancy enrosque patterns that requires the leader to be a bit more “selfish” in keeping his balance/axis (in the highly-hyped Villa Urquiza style 😈 )


  • how to dance freely
  • going with follower’s axis/weight so that she can also move freely and not be restricted by me
  • the mental attitudes to project

At the milongas

  • feeling the music
  • joy of dancing
  • truly dance with each other
  • patience and yet be quick to react to music and situation on the floor
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